Manitowoc County EMS Association Meeting Minutes--corrected              7-26-2017

Host:  Kellnersville First Responders


The July 26, 2017 meeting of the Manitowoc County EMS Association was called to order at 1900.  The educational presentation was done by Kim Jacquart Franzen the Dementia Care Specialist with the Aging & Disability Resource Center of the Lakeshore.  She spoke on dementia, Alzheimer’s, and tips for EMS interaction with people with these as well as a general understanding of resources available for patients/families EMS encounter.


The meeting was resumed after education.  Roll call was taken.  A quorum was present. 


The secretary’s report was presented and a motion was made by Mishicot to approve the minutes and Valders made the second and the motion carried.    


The treasurer’s report was given and ending balances were given as follows:

Checking:         $3220.37                                  

Savings:           $5043.90                                      


All 2017 statements were mailed out and as of now 4 departments are still outstanding.  Outstanding are:  Branch, Collins, Kiel, and Silver Creek.  A motion was made by Branch to accept the treasurer’s report as presented and Kellnersville seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Old Business: 

1.       Contact numbers:  Passed for updates. 

2.       Committee reports:

a.       Radio:  Manitowoc County sent all agencies a letter of intent to support the current radio system for the next 20 years.  Now has a flow chart for power outages and equipment failures.  Updates coming in July and August with 3/28 a go live date.  The Cato tower remains down.  Pre-alerts will not become protocol at this time.  Code Red still is an option for downtimes as is I Am Responding.

b.       Medical Directors:    

c.       Protocols:  No meetings yet.  Dr. Martens is working on evidence based protocols.  She has end of the year reviews with each EMS agency in Sheboygan County.   There has been no decision at the RTAC or STAC level about START or SALT.

d.       Finance:    Nothing new

e.       Disaster:   Our drill for this year is tentatively scheduled for 11/2/17 at 1300 in Valders.  All agencies are asked to send 2 people and 1 resource to the drill.  The roles will be all preplanned at this time.  The disaster boxes are all to come to Valders by 9-19-17 so that they can be cleaned and inventoried before the drill.  The disaster trailer also.  Each agency with a box is asked to get them to Valders.  Mishicot, St. Nazianz, Cleveland, Branch, and Mtwc.

f.         Education and training:   Reminded of resources as needed for agencies.

g.       LTC:  Kevin Siehr has left the position of lead EMS instructor and he has been replaced with Kelsey Esser who is a flight medic.  She is excited to expand the EMS program however enrollment is currently down.  National Registry testing programs have all changed and LTC is working on being able to empower students to succeed at this.  The community paramedic role/scope is still in legislation.

h.       Dispatch:  Dispatch has had many staff changes again.  The new CAD system will go live 3/18.  Manitowoc Fire has requested that dispatch refer to them as “med units”.  Discussion on that was had.  It was the recommendation of the organization that EMS units use “plain talk” as per MABAS terminology.  

i.         Website:  Mark Knier will continue to be our webmaster. 

j.         JDC Steering Committee:  We would like these meetings to continue.  It is also asked the end times for EMS units be included on the sheets as they are required on the state programs.  Theresa Becker is our EMS representative.

k.       MABAS:  EMS has several life safety cards.

l.         EMS Day 2018:  This is booked for next year. 

m.     RTAC:  WARDS elite is the new program that all EMS providers are to be using.  The EMS section hired an assistant to help with Wards elite.  They are also looking at a definition of what will define a paramedic crew.  PAW is against the proposed staffing and it is very likely it will be done at the discretion of the medical directors.  Currently Wisconsin has 13 undesignated hospitals (not credentialed as level 1, 2, 3, or 4).   They are looking for ways to make the system easier.

n.       HERC:  Discussion of Stop the Bleed program.  The state is looking at the program with the possibilities of the HERC or RTAC involvement.


New Business


1.       Next meeting:  September meeting in Kiel.   The secretary will contact them to remind them. 

2.       Meeting announcements:  Discussion on having dispatch announces the meetings over the pager.  Lori Krueger will take charge of this.

3.       EMR Update for Kellnersville & Reedsville:  They continue to look at options.  Currently they are having some CPR/First Aid certified people respond to help the licensed EMR’s.  This is only legal if their SOG’s clearly define this role and the people are actually trained and certified in CPR and First Aid.  The SOG’s must also define what a member for each group is.  We are still waiting for an answer from the state on an ability to take the National Registry test. It is the recommendation of the group not to count on any help from the state EMS office and try to take a new class. 

4.       Elections:  Elections this year are for President, Vice president, and treasurer.  A nominating committee of Tom Krajnik, Kyle Newberg, Curt Biely and Mary Zipperer (alternate) was made. 

5.       Special Dispatch meeting:  There was a special meeting with EMS, Jamie, Jason Orth, Sherriff Herman, Jay Steuer, to discuss some issues EMS have been having.  We will look at EMS PI/QA for areas of improvement.  We will continue with the JDC board with representatives from fire, EMS and police to come up with some task sheets and improvements.  A motion was made by St. Nazianz and seconded by Branch to support this newly updated committee.  Jay will work on some EMS issues.

6.       Valders motion:  Discussion about having quarterly meetings with fire and EMS chiefs to work on PI/QA issues.  A motion was made by Valders to have such meetings and this was seconded by Collins.  Motion carried and we will write a letter supporting this.  One of the items to be reviewed first will be staging for accidents.

7.       Thank you:  A thank you to Jay Steuer for all of his work, above and beyond, with the state of Wisconsin EMS section and with the EMR issue. 


A motion to adjourn was made by Valders and seconded by Branch.  Motion carried.




Present:  Branch, Collins, Newton, St. Nazianz, Kellnersville, Reedsville, Mishicot, Valders


Absent:   Two Rivers, Kiel, Manitowoc, Two Creeks, Francis Creek, Silver Creek, Cleveland


Submitted:  D. Holschbach, secretary